Why we should write our own science textbooks – Part 1 of my researchED Rugby talk

 I used to think I was really ace for never using textbooks. In my lessons, I said, you'll be active learners. You'll learn by doing practicals, because that's what real scientists do. You won't be reading about science - you'll be doing it. What a prat I was.     Like many people here today,... Continue Reading →


Before and after our behaviour policy 

A quick blog to answer a query I've had about my experience of the changes in behaviour in my school since we've had our behaviour system. Just the first things that come to mind, there are lots more I'm sure.  Before Some teachers cry regularly Sunday night fear Timetable a source of grief: " we... Continue Reading →

“Out-of-lesson behaviour”

I think behaviour out of lessons is a really important area that is often overlooked. In this post I describe what we do to get it right at my school and explain why I think it's so important. I'm defining between lessons, break and lunch, and before and after school as "out-of-lesson behaviour". Why is... Continue Reading →

Is traditional teaching uncool? 

I've written before about how I used to think subconsciously that teaching in a school with poor discipline was a bit cool, and I suggested that maybe other teachers had had the same thought. One reader said they thought this was a poor argument since it attacked the person not the argument. I don't think... Continue Reading →

How to write a mastery textbook

In the course of making my physics mastery books I developed a few little things to make it faster and more organised. If you make any please share!   You will need: Specification Snip tool Smart notebook or similar for doing illustrations Calculator Word   How to make them General I made a separate file... Continue Reading →

Science Mastery Textbooks

In the last year I've read a lot of very interesting stuff on mastery, deliberate practice, feedback, AfL, cognitive load, working and long-term memory, and direct instruction. At the same time my school were going mad for progress in purple pen. I’d always met this need by getting pupils to write up an experiment or... Continue Reading →

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