FREE STUFF! Physics Shed Loads Of Practice With Immediate Formative Feedback

Here are the Physics books I've done so far, they're not quite perfected yet but I'll update this page with newer versions when I get a chance. Please do let me know if you spot any typos or whatever, they've already benefited loads from people doing this.   How I use them I've printed... Continue Reading →

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Teach Science Like A Champion

I love TLAC. I’ve written below about how I’ve used some of the techniques in a subject-specific way. Like most good things, I can’t really imagine why I didn’t do them before and I’m a bit worried that everyone was doing them except me. So if this post is just a massive statement of the... Continue Reading →

Behaviour and the weakest link

All children deserve to go to a school with great behaviour, so that they can learn and be safe from bullying. While it may be the case that in some schools great behaviour arises without the need for a comprehensive behaviour system, I have never encountered one. I have, however, worked in a school that... Continue Reading →

Teacher-led disruption

No this is not some ghastly new 21st Century learner beanbag initiative. It’s a blog about some things that I used to do before we had our behaviour system, and why I don’t do them any more. Our behaviour system essentially has three categories of misdemeanour: Low-level disruption like off-task chat, talking when there should... Continue Reading →

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